• Moving out and restart in July - [留声机 - Grammophone]


    I can't stand about 10 posts deleted and 60 more posts hided, those I did write all the introductions myself and find most of the resources using my sleep time, due to a so-called bug which have't been recovered for such a long time, so this time I'm really shutting this blog down and moving to some other blog as I said months ago, it'll be restart after I finish an important exam in June. New blog address will be given then. Hold on.


    May, 13th, 2011



  • still havent started the new blog?
  • 谢谢一直以来提供的音乐,非常好听。祝好:)
  • thanks for your wonderful music~

  • following this blog is one of the best things in my music life. so at this time i really want to express my gratitude for accompany

  • sometimes the listeners keep quiet, but you know they are always there, with ears and thanks.

    really hope that i can see you soon
  • 非常非常感谢聪子小姐一直以来提供的音乐~!
  • 期待归来。
  • Thank you Starringme, please hold on and wait a few days for my new place, all the albums will be re-post then.

  • I have been following your blog intermittently for several years.

    ehh,just wish you best